Sunday, December 9, 2012

St. Nino and A Journal Exchange

I'm in an international journal exchange through the Milliande Art Community for Women. I am in a group with two other artists who both happen to be in Australia. I love being in exchanges with artist from other countries. Our journals needed to be around 6 x 8 inches to get mailing costs reasonable. I got into the exchange at the last minute so I used a store bought journal and simply created a cloth cover for it. We could decide on a theme or go no theme.

My first journal is from Helen Lindton who is a master at Coptic makers and faces. Her theme is "Icons." Yikes! Of course, this is exactly why I choose to be in these kinds of situations. They make me grow. I decided to do St. Nino who caused the country of Georgia to convert to Christianity. Here is what I have put together so far. It doesn't seems finished to me. Suggestions are welcomed!

Do check back later for the Bog Hop Giveaway.  We will be posting between 6-8 Eastern time.

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