Monday, July 12, 2010

Florinda Malacara

 Florinda has not had an easy life. I remember how angry she appeared when she first joined the group. Now she works so hard and I'm watching her blossom. This is her second quilt which she titled "The Exceptional Slave/ La esclava excepcional."

Oney Judge was a seamstress for Mrs. Washington, but they also allowed her to play with Nelly, their granddaughter. They never allowed her to read and write. Her history reminds me of many stories of people in my community.

Oney era la costurera de la Sra. Washington pero además le permitían jugar con Nelly- la nieta de los Washington- pero nunca le permitieron aprender a leer. Su historia me recuerda a tantas historias de gente de mi comunidad.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dolores Mercado

Dolores is an artist, a curator at the National Museum of Mexican Art, our museum liaison, and a member of our group. We are all deeply appreciative of all the she does for us. This is her first quilt which is titled "Although it is Probable She will Attempt to Pass for a Free Woman/Aunque es probable que ella intent hacerse pasas por una mujer libre."

The title is part of the runaway advertisement that appeared in the Pennsylvania Gazette on Tuesday, May 24, 1796. Unfortunately these words are still prevalent for women to this day.

El título es parte del anuncio que apareció el día martes, 24 de mayo de 1796 en el Pennsylvania Gazette, después de que Oney escapó de la Casa Presidencial. Por desgracia estas palabras todavía están vigentes para muchas mujeres.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Christina Carlos

Christina actually researched the clothing at the time to make sure that her quilt was historically true to the times. Her quilt's title is "Choices/Elecciones." I love watching Christina's process and how her art is evolving as she gains confidence.

"I admire Oney Judge because she made a choice to be free at the sake of being a wanted fugitive along with living a life of poverty. In society, there are laws that want to be passed to limit a woman’s right to choose in having a family. It is not up to man to decide on a woman’s choice. Women have to live with their own decisions and that is what I believe Oney did."

"Admiro a Oney Judge porque eligió ser libre a costa de ser una fugitiva, y de vivir además en la pobreza. En la sociedad, hay leyes que se quieren aprobar para limitar el derecho de la mujer a elegir si quiere tener familia. No es asunto de los hombre decidir  el derecho de las mujeres a elegir. Las mujeres tenemos que saber vivir con nuestras propias decisiones, creo que fue lo que Oney hizo."

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beatriz Alvarez

While everyone went smaller, Beatriz didn't and for that I am truly proud of her. Beatriz was the first to make a pieced background too. I think Beatriz summed up the project so well when she said, "I have learned about history, increased my vocabulary and feel connected to a women that I never knew existed." Her quilt is called "Courage" and her artist statement is "I had the opportunity through this project to know the history of women with great faith and valor. She had faith and courage to change her life. She reminds me of women from my country that have to leave their country in order to find a better opportunity for their family."

"Con este proyecto tove la oportonidad de aprednder la historia de ona mujer con mucho valor y fe para cambiar so vida y el cual me recuerda a las mujeres de mi pars que lo tienen que dejar para boscar una major oportonidad para so familia."