Monday, December 28, 2015

Silent Meditation: French Knots

I don't know about you, but I have inherited many family items that hold deep meaning. Many I have had for many, many years and all carefully stored away. Over the years, I have taken out the handmade dresses for my husband's sister and I never knew what to do with them until recently. I also know that my sons do not and will not have any interest in them so passing them along is not an option. But before I share with you my plan, I want to tell you a little about the baby whose cloths I own because this little girl truly impacted my life even though she died long before I was born.

Carolyn was born just a little more than a year after my in-laws were married on July 30, 1942. She weighed more than nine pounds. My mother-in-law was at that time a tiny woman- five feet tall and less than 90 pounds. The birth was long and from what I was told Carolyn suffered birth trauma. My mother-in-law should have had a cesarian. Carolyn died on November 1, 1942. My mother-in-law grew up on a arm in a small town in Kentucky. My father-in-law was from Gary, Indiana. They met in college and after they married moved in with my father-in-laws parents. Just two days after Carolyn was born, her grandfather died.  I think all these experiences effected my mother-in-law more than she would ever admit. Getting any kind of professional help was frowned upon then and this opinion never changed with her. She was not an overly kind or giving person so when she gave me Carolyn's clothing, it moved me deeply. I want to honor that gift although I am not sure my mother-in-law would approve. I think she would be content to just having them in a drawer. I am not.

I have been playing with resin (more about this in future posts) in the hopes of getting all my "vices" in one room. My plans are to dip them in resin so that they are stiff and possibly paint them. I am still undecided about adding ceramic wings. I will be asking your opinion once I get to that point.  I am adding the knots for texture (which I love), but also to express the "knots" of grief. It has made me think a lot about my mother-in-law who so often made my life miserable. I always tried to remember that she was broken. It was not always easy.  I can only hope as I go down this new creative path that I can create something that will have meaning. What do you plan to do with those precious things that you keep in a drawer?

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Even Broken Crayons Still Color

"Even broken crayons still color." Author Unknown

My grandmother liked to say that bad things come in threes. Who would know that I would have three years--too many friends dying, two jobs lost by my husband (currently looking), deaths of my mother-in-law and my dad, shingles that seem to never go away...Well, you get the picture. The other day I was truly ready to just throw in the towel. What was the point of making art? Then I got an email from Janet White telling me what my blog meant to her and an email from a gallery asking for my ceramic work. Next, my husband who I never thought cared about my blog told me I needed to start writing again. So here I am. I now have my quilts and my funky ceramic work in a new gallery in Naperville--Artezanato Studio. I am feeling optimistic and have a creative plan in place. Life is good!