Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12/12: A Moment in Time Project

Here’s what December 12 has to offer:

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific has declared December 12, 2012, as Anti-Doomsday Day in celebration of rational thinking and reasoned discourse.
December 12 is the last of the repeating dates until January 1, 2101. Repeating dates (like 12/12/12) can, for obvious reasons, only occur in the first 12 years of a century.
At 1:21:02 a.m., palindrome lovers everywhere rejoiced in the single second that marks when the date-time combination is the same read both forwards and backwards: 2012-12-12 1:21:02 = 201212-1-212102.
On the date,  the First Chief of Justice of the Supreme Court John Jay was born in 1745, followed by "Madame Bovary" author Gustave Flaubert (1821), Norwegian artist Edvard Munch (1863), "‘ol blue-eyes" Frank Sinatra (1915), politician Ed Koch (1924), abstract expressionist Helen Frankenthaler (1928), singer Dionne Warwick (1940), and jazz drummer extraordinaire, Tony Williams (1945) just to name a few.
December 12 hasn’t proven to be an exceedingly popular day for famous deaths, however English poet Robert Browning, Baroness Spencer-Churchill (wife of Winston), Ike Turner and Tom Walkinshaw, (former racing driver and Formula 1 team owner) all hold the honor.
And today there will also be quilts!

I woke early this morning anxious to get going on my part of the 12/12/12: A Moment in Time Project. I sliced and inserted fabrics. Not entirely thrilled with my efforts (I did have fun. I just think I needed more coffee!) so it's on to quilt two! I'm going to do some hand applique so it may be a while before you see my next one.

Carol Esch send me a photo of her quilt made from her own wonderful shibori fabrics. Carol shares, " I was going to put 12 12 12 on it but decided on Roman Numeral 12  XII..........which actually consists of 12 straight pieces." I love it! She's trying to figure out how to quilt it so leave her some suggestions.  

Here is Sylvia Lewis's quilt. Please check out her blog for more details. I know I want to know more! Sylvia is also participating in the blog giveaway party.

Do send me images of your work. Do check back later for to see more. Do sign up for my blog giveaway.

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