Saturday, December 15, 2012

Textual Journal Cover

I am a productive procrastinator. I do things that need to be done, I just don't do things I should be doing. I was tidying up my office and came across an old list (2008) of things that I wanted to make in 2009 which obviously did not happen.  On that list was "textural book wraps" (Angie Hughes, October/November 2007 Quilting Arts Magazine). I was pleasantly surprised that I had not given away my copy (I use to send them to Georgia until I realized I was actually causing more frustration  because the supplies ae simply not available than inspiration.). I knew I didn't want to create a wrap but I loved the idea/construction. Of course, my heat gun died during the process so melting away the organza some more (right now you have to look close to find any) is not going to happen but it still has the organic feel that I wanted to achieve. I definitely want to make a few more.

For those of you who do not have a copy of the magazine, you weave a foundation over a fusible interfacing, rubberstamp, paint, etc., add fibers and other things that won't interfere with the quilting then cover it all with organza and heavily quilt it. I found my piece did not shrink as the article indicated so I ended up cutting it down then sewing the cut off pieces onto the cover because the pieces were just too wonderful to throw away.  Next time I will definitely add more fibers and other things before topping with the organza. I added more fiber after the quilting which Angie didn't do. I went crazy with sewing buttons too but then I love buttons. It's 8.5" x nearly 12".  My next one will be smaller. This was fun and I have another gift done! Now to finish my other projects! I can procrastinate no longer.


  1. Karen, great piece of art! It has a 'well-worn' effect even though it is newly made. I DO remember that article. She does beautiful work and is an inspiring artist.

    1. Linda, Thanks! Definitely want to play some more.


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