Monday, December 3, 2012

A Moment in Time: 12/12/12

I do have an obsessive personality and my mind has not stopped thinking about 12/12/12 since I announced a desire to explore the date with quilts. From the emails that I am getting, I know I am not alone so I'm giving everyone an opportunity to start playing. Just wait until 12/12/12 to do the reveal. One decision, for me, is to make three quilts that will explore the number 12. I've created the first base for my first quilt and explores my love of typography. I plan to slice and add color to it. That is as far as I gotten in my playing but my mind is going full tilt. I've even worked on quilts in my dreams! Sweet dreams and lots of for from me to you. Can't wait to see what everyone does. Are you still thinking or have you begun to work?


  1. looks like a good start, punchy colors, cool texture and inviting font.

    1. Linda, Thanks! Should prove a nice challenge! Hugs, Karen


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