Thursday, December 6, 2012

Felted Soap

My youngest son makes very nice handmade soaps but receiving a white bar seems a bit underwhelming. I decided to see if I could use some of my collection of roving and felt the soap. It's like having soap and a washcloth all rolled into one. I remember seeing felted soap for a ridiculous price at Anthropology a few years ago. Well, these are my first attempts and once again this confirms that a felt maker I will probably never be. I do plan to give it a couple more tries to see if I can get the felt to be more even and not have soap peeking through. At least I have very clean hands!


  1. They look lovely Karen - my son made felted soaps as gifts last festive season and they were very well received.

    1. Thanks! I do think family will like them.


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