Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog Giveaway with a Twist Two

First, the winner of  Giveaway with a Twist One is Colleen Kelly. Thanks Sang Lee for selecting the winner! Congratulations Colleen! I hope you enjoy the book.

This week I am giving away my Day of the Dead mask that did not sell when it was in the National Museum of Mexican's gift shop a couple of years ago. The masks were on sale for $225. This mask is 9.5 by 14 inches. There is a plastic ring on the back for easy hanging.

I have always loved learning about other cultures and especially the Mexican and Georgian cultures. So the questions for this week are: Which culture has fascinated you? What is the most interesting thing have you learned?

To show my appreciation for my followers, you will get your name put into the hat three times to increase you chances of winning. The winner will be announced next Monday.  Good luck!


  1. What an interesting piece!
    Since I am of Estonian and Latvian descent, I've always been interested in those culturesa nd how they've survived through a thousand years of occupation by different cultures: Russian, German, Swedes, Danes, etc. I've also like to learn more about the link of these two Baltic cultures (which are different from each other in a lot of ways) and the Celtic and Scottich cultures of the British Isles. I see a lot of similarities in folk art and such.
    Thanks for the give-away. I hope I win! :)
    --Toni in Milwaukee

  2. Karen
    Looks like a perfect piece for a wall of my living room...ethnic and folk art with persimmon walls. Doing work that evokes the feeling of other cultures, especially when the piece is made for a holiday that is celebrated more in other places than in the US makes the a gem, in my eyes. It is a wonderful piece so I send my hopes along with this post.

  3. I love it and I know my husband would love it also.
    A few yrs. ago we saw a wonderful display of Day of the Dead artwork etc. The little sugar skulls are really cool.

    Susan Parker

  4. Anasazi,Aztecs and Incas. Egypt -- mummies and history. Middle ages, especially the plague.

  5. A beauty, and quite generous of you, too. I love the energy and "life" in the Day of the Dead celebration. As someone who was born on the day BEFORE halloween, this time of year and the holidays associated with it have special meaning. DOTD coincides with my church's celebration of All Saints Day (they are both Christian celebrations) and I find it interesting how different cultures show value of their ancestors.

    New follower, too!

  6. Karen, I just read your post on the "Every Person is a Philosopher" and am so touched to read about your travels and work with women in other cultures. What a beautiful (literally and figuratively!) thing you are doing to open up a world of art to those hungry for it! I have subscribed to your blog so I won't miss any more of your inspirational writing.
    Martha Ginn

  7. When I was in 4th grade I was fascinated with the culture of Kentucky - horses, blue grass, the Derby. Then 6th grade came and I was drawn to learn more about my primary background - Sweden. As a junior in high school I was horribly homesick for Albuquerque as my dad had a temporary work assignment away from NM. Summer school in Mexico introduced me to the dual/dueling cultures in a country rife with Spanish and Native influences, extremes of wealth/poverty. Now I am taken by the immigration of people from the Federated States of Micronesia and how they are adapting to a much more urban life in Honolulu.

  8. Lately I have been learning more about Scandinavian cultures, especially their social welfare policies and attitudes towards education, health care, and parenting. One really interesting thing I learned recently is that it's considered really healthful to have infants sleep outside (in protective clothing/bedding) almost year-round - something you don't see much of in the U.S. It is a great reminder of how culturally dictated even the smallest aspects of our lives are.

    Thanks! Your mask is just gorgeous.

  9. Recently, I have been interested in the "culture" of Las Vegas, Nevada. I am a 6 year resident and it seems that there is "no culture" here. Everyone coming is moving from someplace to make this their new home. It is difficult to find a native Nevadan. Everything is new. I have to go to the local museums to "see" what the city used to look like. I have found some interesting buildings to make a mosaic quilt. I hope to start creating, soon.

    Diana Bracy


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