Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Time for Play

Whenever I finish something that has taken a lot of time or has required a lot of thought, I try to just play. I think it is important to play. Remember when play was such a large part of our lives. Last night I was thinking about all the falling stars I wished upon as a child. I wonder how many were granted that I have long forgotten. And more importantly, when did I stop wishing upon them. I am preparing my next wish. When did you make your last wish.

Okay, back to the art. I wanted to do something that express "growth" so I doodled and wrote until I settled on "grow where you are planted." I've moved a lot in my adult life and this has been something I have tried to do. I've been saving the old glass leaf beads for years and I love them not only in the piece but also because they are no longer in a drawer in my closet. I'm finally stopped saving and started using. It feels good!


  1. Karen-
    I really like this piece, each element on it seems to have character all its own. It looks great hanging on your wall. Isn't fun when you get to use treasures you've been saving?

  2. i agree! play is so important! and what a sweet piece!


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