Monday, November 16, 2009

Share the Love

Kim Mason shares a tutorial on how to make a travle-size tissue cozy on her blog an oft traveled road. I loved the idea of giving people two--one to keep and one to share. I have to tell you these are quite addicting as you can see by what I did last night. I made 17! I plan to make more. They are easy to make and quite satisfying. Almost instant gratification.

Can't wait to start sharing but first I have to go buy travel-size tissue packages. I am hoping people will share with me the stories about their sharing. Thanks Kim!


  1. Better late than never!! I was traveling for the winter and am just back with my beloved sewing machine. The very first project I have tried is this little tissue cozy. I just finished my first one, my "dummy", and I am amazed at how cool these are! I decided then and there to read peoples comments about it. Found you. Found this. How many did you end up making?? ~karen


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