Saturday, November 14, 2009

All Dressed Up for Play

I spent the day playing with my friend Barbara. We talked, ate good food, entertained her husky Drift and created. A perfect day. I was so inspired by bags  that Barbara had made that came home and worked until midnight on a cute bag for one of my great nieces. It has a tree on the outside of the bag with a stuffed owl that can be taken in and out. It felt so good to have a Christmas gift made! But I'm really getting away from what I wanted to share. Sorry it's just the thrill of getting a gift done that has gotten me distracted from my actual mission.

I spent the day working on a series of little dresses inspired by a Quilting Arts' article (holiday 2008-2009 issue) by Jamie Fingal. They are made with a wool felt base and are about 10" wide from sleeve to sleeve and about 10"  long. I have three in progress and sharing the one that is closest to being complete. I can't believe how much fun they are to  make. I plan to mount them on canvases so stay tuned for more.

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  1. Love the colors! The vibrant violet circle is giving kind of moonlight to the composition. Amazing how a dark color can shine.


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