Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Going Organic Part 2

I worked more than 8 hours yesterday and can now report that it is done! The piece is difficult to photograph but I think I got a decent enough detail that you get the idea. I really like the copper beads and have decided to call this piece "Points of Light." It continues my theme of connections although this is not what I intended in the beginning. I love using Laura Wasilowski's threads
artfabrik.com. This one is called burnt marshmallow. I managed to loose two skeins of it in my travels. One on the airplane returning home from Houston. I got three rows of people looking with no luck. The other was left behind in a motel in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I hope the maid kept it. I don't know the fiber content of the fabric but it was scratchy. I can tell you it stretched and won't stick to the batting not matter what I tried so I simply gave up. I just tried to flow. It's 18" by 25". I think today's piece will just be playful but I'm still not ready to give up handwork. Enjoy!


  1. Very organic indeed. Like grown, not made. Reminds me of a cactus. Beautiful.

  2. Just gorgeous!! And what a perfect title!


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