Monday, November 16, 2009

Owl Bag

Okay, several people have e-mailed me asking about the owl bag for my great niece. I'm still not sure about the owl. It certainly does not look like the pattern so it may get remade. I'm letting it rest before making a decision. I only want Makayla to be happy. It was fun to make and I love the idea of the removable owl. The tote is fleece with a fairy fabric lining (I'm thinking "tree fairies.") and the rest is hand dyed wool felt.  I added a inside pocket because I love pockets and who doesn't need one in a tote! And of course, I am going to make her a fun travel-size tissue cozy to go in the pocket. Can't help myself. I'm just playing and having fun. I truly think this is all happening because I made the commitment to doing Art Every Day Month. It's amazing what happens when you still goals and follow your heart.

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