Friday, January 3, 2014

Sometimes You Just Can't Win It All

People keep asking me for sketchbooks instead of journals so I went on a search. I live to serve! I was excited to find blank composition notebooks on Amazon. Not so happy with the $5.95 price tag but it's still doable. I ordered one to check it out. Cover is thinner than the lined composition books and the paper quality isn't bad. I was happy until I realized that it is larger than the ruled composition book which means I cannot use the journal covers I have already created. So you can't win them all but you can come close!


  1. I buy good quality sketchbooks at the art supply store near us and make covers for them for my husband. He carries one everywhere.

    1. I am trying to make something that people can reuse easily. I think it's great that your husband loves yours.


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