Thursday, January 16, 2014

Learning, Exhaustion, Excitement

Tuesday I spent nearly twelve hours learning how to operate the gas kiln at ClaySpace. That is how long the process took. I learned so much that I could feel my brain expanding.  It was also a day of camaraderie-hanging out with Jon, Ken and Theresa.

Jon Pacheco making adjustments to the flue 
I enjoyed watching the flames change color which is also an indicator  of what is happening inside. I still can't get over that the kiln reached 2345 degrees. I could still feel the intense heat when I placed my hand near the door last night. We wont be opening the doors of the kiln until Friday night so that we are absolutely certain things have cooled off.

Ken Maloney checking the cones
I was exhausted by the time I got home but far too excited to get a decent night's sleep. Twelve hour days are not a easy as they once were not too long ago.

It is also so wonderful to be supported by such caring people. I don't have a ceramics background but am never made to feel stupid by my questions or lack of experience. Everyone should be so blessed.

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