Sunday, January 26, 2014

Stairs to No Where

I pass by this house on my way to ClaySpace. I find myself making up stories about why the occupants have stairs that go no where. It also makes me think of a quilt I saw at International Quilt Festival-Chicago in 2007 (I think, I'm terrible with dates). The maker, Lucie Summers (of the U.K.), took photos of the houses in her town where she had lived her entire life and "made up silly stories about the occupants"- "She won 1.7 million on the the lottery last year and didn't tell her husband. He thinks she got a raise at MacDonald's." Each statement was a complete fabrication, except for the house her brother lived in. She covered the fabrics with white paint to produce a worn-out vintage feel. I thought it was wonderful and yet I watched people quickly pass it by. Isn't it funny how some things stick with us? I have always thought it would be fun to make a quilt like Lucie's. What quilt has stuck with you? Do you have any interesting houses in your life?

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