Monday, January 9, 2012

Ping Ponging

Okay, the bathrooms did not get cleaned yesterday. However, I did cook dinner! I am continuing to play and dig through my scrap bin. I rally had intended to make just one quilt but as you can see I now have three in progress and the indigo is still resting until I decide whether to make it bigger or not. Too many ideas. I call this ping ponging since I seem to jump from one thing to the other. Decided this time to just go with the flow and see what happens. I know eventually I'll get it all together.

For those of you joining me in playing with the challenge fabric, it's in the mail!


  1. They all have good possibilities - that second one is yummy. No such thing as too many ideas (unless they are bad ones, which these are NOT). Don't you love when you have all these things going at once?

  2. Rayna, You are just to wonderful for words. Yes, I do love that I have so much going on. It feels so good to be using so many treasures!


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