Sunday, January 22, 2012

Challenge Fabric Quilt Conitnues

While I continue to play with the challenge fabric quilt, I decided I needed a break so I started quilting the beige and black quilt. I love how quilting brings a quilt alive!

I am also pleased to announce that Anna Mowicki from the UK is joining the challenge. Anna now completes the group. Anna has several blogs so I am not sure yet which one to link to so I'll keep you posted.

1. Rayna Gillman
2. Kristin McNamara Freeman
3. Janice Paine Dawes
4. Sherrie Spangler
5. Marti Porterfield
6. Denise Frank
7. Carol Esch
8. Mary Ann Mauney
9. Martha Ginn
10. Vivian Helena Aumond-Capone
13.  Del Thomas 
15. Louise Baldel
17. Anna Mowicki

I am off to celebrate the Korean New Year! Happy New Year. Once I eat my rice soup, I'll be another year older and hopefully wiser. Make it a great and creative day!


  1. Taking a break is good! Although Karen used my book as inspiration in her own work and (unbeknownst to me) for this fabric challenge, there is something I need to say.

    When I wrote my book, the idea was for people NOT to follow rules and to just let go, play, not worry about matching seams - and to end up using the fabrics in your own (non-pattern-following) original work. What I showed in the book were suggestions for what you can do - but there is lots of room for you to take off and try other ways of combining strips and squares/rectangles and creating your own units that are different from the ones I did for the book.

    I love that we are all doing different things with that ugly challenge fabric (including leaving it as is - LOL)
    Everybody's color sense is unique, your sense of proportion and composition is different from anyone else's and I am hopeful that you will follow own muse so your distinct "fingerprint" is on your work. This is supposed to be "therapy sewing," - remember?

    Rayna - who is taking her own break for the next week, due to a house full of guests leading up to a large family event next weekend.

  2. I am excited that so many of us signed up for the challenge! My missing muse is so awake now, that I sometimes can't sleep as she keeps throwing ideas at me for finishing old projects and starting new projects.

    Happy New Year!


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