Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The ABCs of Creativity Stoppers

Here's another small quilt (11" w x 10.5" h) that I am not completely happy with and will probably attempt again especially now that I have found my original sketch.  The quote "I asked you not to talk...Now you've said things I'll never forget." is from John Updike's book "Giving Blood." Playing with typography continues. Here's my list of things to be aware.

A Arrogance
B Bias
C Control, Cheating
D Disorder, Denial
E Excuses, Ego
F Fear
G Greed
H Hurry
I Ignorance
J Judgement
K Killjoy
L Languish
M Malice
N Negativity
O Over-analysis
P Perfectionism, Procrastination
Q Quitting
R Rejection
S Stealing
T Tension, Trepidation
U Umbrage
V Vulgarness
W Waiting, Waste
Y Yammer, Yo-yo

Z  Zig zag, Zealot (uncompromising)

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