Monday, July 30, 2012

The ABCs of Creativity

I made this small quilt (10.5" w x 9.5" h) a while ago when I was feeling stuck (too many ideas). I challenged myself to first simply piece a background then add elements and words (remember my plead to continue to explore typography). I know it would have turned out better had I planned it out but it worked at getting me to relax and create. I also think I will rework the piece and make it work.

It did get me to put together something more on creativity.  I decided to find at least one word for each letter of the alphabet. This turned out to be a fun excercise.

A Abundance, Awareness, Acceptance
B Believing, Building
C Courage, Change, Consideration, Collaboration, Chaos
D Dreams, Discovery
E Effort
F Forgiveness, Friendship, Fear
G Giving, Gifts
H Healing, Health
I Initiative, Imagination
J Joy
K Knowledge
L Love, Life, Loss, Lessons
M Mindfulness, Motivation
N Next
O Openness, Outside, Opportunities, Order
P Possibilities, Passion, Practice, Process
Q Quality, Quirkiness
R Respect, Riches
S Simplicity, Success
T Travel, Time
U Uniqueness, Understanding
V Value, Vulnerability, Vibrant,Views
W Worldliness, Wide Open, Wild
X Xerophyte
Y You
Z Zest

I can see some running for the dictionary and others smiling at my use of xerophyte which is a plant able to grow in very dry conditions. As artist we have to be able to grow even when the desire to be creative leaves us. I am also sure other words will come to mind and I'll add to it. Tomorrow I will share my ABCs of things we need to be aware. I am not going to call them things to avoid. Stay tuned. Feel free to add to the list!


  1. Sounds like you are starting out on a new journey, a new direction, maybe a new series or a new color palette. Keep exploring what sounds exciting to can only bring you happiness.

    1. Thanks! I don't think I really thought of this as a new journey, new direction until you mentioned it. Hugs.

  2. Karen, I am not sure why you want to rework it. The color scheme pulls all the elements together. Maybe that it is a little empty on the top left? but it works because it expresses a mood of being stuck and not being perfect. it is very striking to me.

    1. Linda, Thanks for your kind words. Hugs, karen


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