Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sometimes in the Winds of Change We Find Our Direction

I love mixed media so I always sign up for a mixed media exchange with Postmark'd Art whenever it is available. This round I just could not get out of my own head. Every attempt I began I hated. I was making it too complicated. Yesterday I decided to simply begin with two fabrics, sew them together and play. It worked! I used three different commercial fabrics,  Korean wrapping paper, two different kinds of paint, a metal star sticker (hope they make it) and TAP (Transfer Artist Paper). I love adding words and quotes to my work and this one has the saying, "Sometimes in the winds of change we find our direction." It wasn't important to me to have this be a large element in  the piece but simply a part of it. The deadline was not until September 30th but I like to get things done early. I had to make five and I'm pleased that each one is a little different. I can't wait to see what I receive. So my postcards (6" x 4") are in the mail and I hope they bring joy to everyone they encounter.

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