Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Zentangle Inspired Threads Skull

I joined Postmark'd Art in the beginning because the idea of making fiber postcards intrigued me. I've stayed because it provides me opportunities to grow and try new things in a supportive environment and because I am exposed to so many amazing artists. I signed up for the Zentangle Inspired Threads group because it was so different for anything I had ever done. If you don't know anything about Zentangle, do check it out. While I purchased their starter kit, I haven't spent much time playing with it. Basically, it's a fun kind of doodling.

I gave myself the added challenge of trying to do a shape. I love skulls so I drew one and used it for my postcards. Yesterday I went to the satellite post office in a local pharmacy. The kid behind the counter could not believe I had made them and wanted to look at them some before putting them in the box. Hopefully they will make it to their destinations. If not, I got a teenage boy to track down. I will admit to a couple of moments of "what was I thinking?" and that I am really happy with how they turned out. I included a quote on the back "Locked in each human skull is a little world all it's own." by Robert Tusker which seemed appropriate.

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  1. I started drawing Zentangles with the hope that it would inspire me with my machine quilting. I am planning to do a bunch of donkeys. Am working on a face mask at present. my mom and I did a class at a local quilt shop and are looking forward to the next one.


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