Saturday, July 14, 2012

Judy's Fabric Challenge Reveal!

Judy's Fabric Challenge took some people longer to complete than others. I thought it was time (since so many people have asked) to share the completed quilts. I apologize to all of you have have been waiting for the reveal. For those of you who are new. This is the second fabric challenge that I have done on my blog. You can read all the details on "Judy's Fabric Challenge" posts. Flo London lost her job of 11 years in May so her focus shifted from being creative to finding a job.

This one was completed by Louise Baldel. Louise worked at warp speed and was the first one to finish. There is nothing like a move to get one motivated!

Diane Dunder's quilt is titled "Tunami" and you can read more about her quilt on her blog's April 5th posting. One of the things that I love about this quilt is its shape. Way to go Diana!

Sara Kelly created a table runner (33" x 72") which she titled "Kaikoura." Kaikoura is a beach in New Zealand. I love the movement in her border! You can read more about her piece on her blog's April 20th posting.

Vivian Helena Aumond-Capone also created a table runner and posted it on her blog also on April 20th. Great creators must think alike.  Too much fun. I love the colors she chose and her one-sided border with her multi-colored binding. Vivian also made a pillow and posted it on her blog on April 26th.

On May 9th, Sue Andrus posted on my Facebook page (she was having Internet problems) her quilt. While I've been in touch with Sue, I have not heard if she ever finished it. Sue is known for her great gardens which inspires so much of her work.

Kathryn Schmidt's quilt "Bubbler" (love the title) was posted on her blog on May 24th. It's 16" x 30," but it's not a table runner! I do find it interesting that this challenge had so many long and skinny quilts created. Kathy used one of my favorite batiks. While Kathy loves to bead, she did not add any to this quilt. I think it is great that even though she loves to bead, she chose not to add any because she felt the piece did not need them. 

"Connections" (47" x 27") was posted on Kathy Brigg's blog on July 8th. Kathy could not decide which way she liked it best to hang so she attached two sleeves! I love this option. This was a real challenge for Kathy and I think she knocked it out of the park!

I love all the works produced in this challenge and I know Judy would be too! Enjoy!


  1. thank you Karen, that was great fun. vivian

  2. Thanks Karen - I enjoyed playing with some new friends. :-)

  3. thanks for sharing.


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