Sunday, January 3, 2010

Photo Every Day

Kathy Loomis of Louisville, Kentucky has made some kind of art every day for the years. Some years it was fabric diary blocks, other years postcards, etc. This year she is taking a photo every day on her walks. This idea appealed to me so I committed to do the same thing. Unfortunately, Chicago is not as conducive to walking very far on a daily basis and yesterday was one of those days. We only made it to 8 degrees. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to take my photo. Thoughts of abandoning the idea fleeted through my mind until I realized that I had been spending a lot of time looking out the window at a piece of Mexican pottery that I have in my backyard and the way the snow had fallen on it so I ventured outside for photos. I took lots from different angles until my fingers just got too cold. While I have always drawn on walks and things that I see to feed my creativity, I've never thought of actually having a visual diary so I want to thank Kathy for bringing this idea to my attention. The next part may surprise you but I'm not sure I actually need the photographs but just like the window from Kyrgyzstan, it's nice to have and they can come in handy to illustrate a point. I don't plan to share my daily pictures here every day but I will if something speaks to me deeply. I do think doing something creative every day is important and I'm looking forward to this adventure.

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