Sunday, January 17, 2010


I woke to a world encased in a thin layer of ice. I found myself constantly looking out the window at the trees and the way the sun was playing with the ice. Outside I ran into a neighbor walking her dog so I asked if she was enjoy our winter wonderland and pointed to the trees. I was dumbfounded when she confessed that she hadn't noticed. Her goal was to walk the dog as quickly as possible and off she went. For a moment, I was sad. Joy is so much better shared. 

Creative Everyday 2010 has been talking about shadows which did influence my decision to put myself dancing in my garden. Couldn't help giving myself funky socks. By the way, I hand pieced the flying geese and over dyed them to get the green I wanted. It was one of those "nothing ventured, nothing gained" moments that paid off.


  1. i cannot help but to be drawn to the socks.

  2. Headless run... But actually, you seem to see more than your neighbor. Sometimes it surprises me what people don't see! Things that are so obvious! Perception is selective. But I guess we are the lucky ones to see such things. Enjoy!

  3. Oh -- and I love the way this goes with the stitched blue lines!

  4. Eva and Jude, You're wonderful! Thanks!


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