Saturday, January 2, 2010

Blue Moon, Faces, Feet and an Old UFO

Last night after finishing a doll, I became inspired to start a new quilt. It's interesting how it all came together. I love how inspiration strikes and this one might seem simple at first glance but when I thought about it actually had lots of steps to get me going.

In my cleaning efforts, I have rediscovered pieces that I have long forgotten what I was thinking about when they (the background) were created. This one is probably from the mid to late 1980's and I've had it out since "finding" it about a week ago. Don't know why I kept it. I'm not even sure why it was just hanging out in my studio.

I love circles and I had spent the day looking at my socks, smiling (they do make me happy and they keep my feet quite warm) and contemplating circles. Since I'm suppose to be thinking about "body," I have to say that my feet were part of the inspiration.

I spent New's Year Eve watching the full moon rise into the sky. It had been cloudy all day and I feared I would miss it so when the sky cleared (not one cloud), I was joyful. Such a great gift for the new year and I wanted to honor the gift in some way so this was one my mind.

The doll faces have been so much fun to make that I decided to use one for the moon. I'm doing everything by hand. I love hand work. I find it relaxes and centers me which are goals for 2010 so it seems fitting. I'm pleased that the two circles I appliqued last night after a long day are round! I plan to add more circles and hand quilt with embroidery thread the piece so this is going to take me a while. I'll share my progress. Nothing is really planned so it should be an interesting journey.


  1. How come that dots makes us happy? Childhood memories?
    I love the old quilt, the colors are so joyful and naive. It is worth being finished, I think.

  2. Eva, You are too wonderful for words. I am having so much fun creating dots. I read a study somewhere (wish I saved it) that said that people who like pokadots have a good inner child.

  3. i like your new quilt. i like dots. and thank you.

  4. Karen, I don't like to wear shoes in my house. When it gets cold, I wear socks; a little colder, socks and footies; really cold, two pair of socks and footies!

    I too love dots and really like to use very bright dotted fabric in quilts for kids!


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