Monday, January 18, 2010

"Quilt Me a Story" Returns

After more than a year of travel, one of my quilts returned home on Friday. It was part of the 2008 Breaking Traditions Art Quilt exhibit With One Voice which raised $1,085 for the American Cancer Society.The amazing Lynn Krawczyk curates and organizes this annual exhibit (new theme each year). I do want to thank Lynn for all of her hard work and dedication. Ninety-three artists created 12 inch square quilts for With One Voice. The theme was based on- "From the next door neighbor who helped to shovel your walk, to the organizations built solely on the purpose of serving those in need, to famous individuals using their influence to do good." I choose to showcase Quilters' S.O.S. - Save Our Stories, the oral history project of the Alliance for American Quilts. It was interesting that the quilt was returned on the day that the AAQ announced my leaving the project after more than 10 years of volunteer service. Often when a quilt returns after being gone, I either can't believe I've made it, no longer like it or rejoice on its return. I'm happy to report that I still like this quilt and rejoicing in its return.


  1. Thanks! It now hangs in my office. I'm choosing to use it to focus on good memories.


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