Friday, April 10, 2009

Detail of Ira's Quilt

Sue, your wish is my command. There are actually two faces in the quilt. When she started the first one she didn't like it but didn't want to discard it. In my last couple of trips to Georgia, I've been teaching surface design techniques. While I continue to ship fabric to the group, the expense is reducing the size and frequency. I wanted them to try to use what they can find. It still amazes me that they do not get better quality cottons being a neighbor of Turkey. The shop owners just don't seem to understand a need. I was able to convince several stationery stores to import rotary cutters. However in more than two years of effort, I have not been able to convince them of the need for mats. Anyway, her face was done with acrylic paint.

My oldest son pointing out to me at the "Quilt Me a Story" opening that he could see my influence in all the quilts. I try hard not to put myself too much in my students work. I do know it is there. Just like the quilts at the museum are made with a lot of my fabrics. So are the ones, like this one, from Georgia. I love seeing my fabric used my others. Georgians did not like the idea of black and white quilts until they kept seeing mine. An influence, yes. However, Ira's quilt does not look like my work at all. Karen

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  1. This is wonderful, so mysterious and evocative. Thanks for the close-up.


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