Monday, April 6, 2009

More "Quilt Me a Story"

Maria Tortolero's quilt shows her village in Mexico where she grew up and Chicago. I love all the detail that Maria put into her quilt. I love even more that Maria has caught the bug! All she wants to do is quilt! I think this is an amazing first quilt. I hope you agree with me.

I do want to share one sad story. Maria shared her quilt with two quiltmakers who were visiting the musuem and they immediately started telling her everything that she has done wrong. I wanted to cry as she shared this experience with me. My teaching philosophy with beginners is expression first and the skill level with improve. We all need to be kind to each other and ourselves. Happy creating! Karen


  1. Karen, thanks for sharing Maria Tortolero's magnificent quilt! I love her use of color and the way my eye travels around the quilt – from the sun, down to the earth, clouds and back to the sun. I look forward to seeing her next creation!

  2. Ha! In my opinion she did everything "right". It's vibrant and expressive and full of energy, and she should be rightfully proud of what she has accomplished. I am enjoying all the quilts from your class--and kudos to you for providing such a nurturing and accepting space for your students to create in.

  3. I love Maria's quilt! The use of color in telling her story was well done. Maybe the "critics" were confused by the "almost" triptych layout in one quilt?

    I also love her smile, as she is telling us how proud she is to have completed this beautiful quilt. She should be proud, as her quilt not only tells a story, but is so "alive" with color and movement. I love the road with the vehicles. I love the folk art sun.

    I can't wait to see Maria's next quilt.

  4. I can't beleive all the details, amazing for a first time quilter.


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