Monday, April 27, 2009

Pinch Me

Saturday was an unbelievable day for so many reasons. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it all. The quilts that are being created by the quilt group are incredible. I cannot believe how confident, original and thoughtful these quilts are especially with the subject matter--the "Women of Juarez." Since 1993, more than 450 young, petite, long haired, dark skinned children and women (10-28 years old) have been killed in Juarez, Mexico. The National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago will be having an exhibit concerning this very subject which is why I am teaching the workshop. Which also leads me to the pinch me part. My quilt "They are our daughters, our sisters" has been juried into exhibit. I am so deeply honored. I cried. I'll try to post a few detail shots of the quilt tomorrow. I'm not sure if I can share the entire thing with you yet.

On this coming Saturday, the original quilt group will be taped for a special project with Northwestern University on immigration by a journalism student. Eventually the documentary will be on a website specifically for this project. I've been asked to be a part of the documentary. I hate these kinds of things. However, this is too important to the women and the musuem so I'm doing it. Wish me luck! As always, with deep gratitude, Karen


  1. Best of Luck Karen. I am positive that you will do humanity proud!

  2. Deb, Thanks for your kind words. I try.


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