Friday, April 24, 2009

"Look Deeper"

This was a piece that I made that I donated to SAQA's "One Foot Square" auction. An amazing professional quiltmaker, curator, writer, etc. purchased the piece and I was so deeply touched. Recently I had an opportunity to interview her for Quilters' S.O.S. - Save Our Stories and discovered that she has more than 700 quilts in her collection. Mine hangs in her studio. She shared with me that the quilt has gotten many postive comments from the many people who go through her studio. It was fun to explain to her what was in this piece. The "Look Deeper" is a photograph of a door that my husband took for me when we were standing in line to get into MOMA in San Francisco. I noticed it when I looked down the alley across the street as we were walking to get in. The star piece was from a workshop I gave in the Republic of Georgia on surface design. The fimo buttons were a gift from my friend Kathy Pierpoline and are placed on Etal which I was was still being made. The batik man is from Africa and purchased at a shop near my home that was moving. I truly wish I knew where they went. Although it is probably better for my pocketbook that I don't. The charms hanging off the hand say "dream," "hope" and I cannot remember what the third charm said, "love" perhaps. Anyway, I've been floating since our conversation. I've been exploring what I am calling improvasational quilting and I am liking the results more and more. It feels good to be using all these treasures that I have kept in drawers and boxes. Karen

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