Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Yin and Yang of Life

Last night I finished the heart book. The cover is a block I created in the early 1990s so this book has cleared two UFOs from my list! And while the book is far from perfect, I love the feel of it.  Also I do hope that the friends who contributed to it are pleased. It feels good to finally fully honor the gifts.

On the flip-side, last night I also heard that my crone mask was not one of the 38 pieces selected for the Metaphors on Aging SAQA exhibit. I am sad. I will get over it. I would love for this mask to make it out into the world and hopefully one day it will. I am 50-50 for entering SAQA's shows. I have no idea what other people have experienced so I don't know how typical I am. I can't imagine my life without the quilt world but I've never been entirely comfortable in it.

I always admire those who are always so confident and those who are "at the top." I have come to realize that I will never be one of those at the top. I like what I do. I love trying new things and exploring. I love a challenge. I love teaching. I love sharing. So I'll be disappointed for a while but it won't stop me. Onward.


  1. A lovely heart book from a dear and heart filled woman. 50/50 is the balance point. What is better than that ;)

    It's not you, or your art, it simply what they think balances their show! You are fabulous, and so is your work! And besides... you are loving and caring and you reach out to others and make a difference with your energies of your well as your art. Big hug for all you do!

  2. your profile says your mission is to "dwell in possibility". If that remains your mission then you are there! Peace.

    1. Thank you! I certainly try to continue to "dwell in possibility."

  3. Karen, sorry you didn't get in. I hoped you would. Mine weren't accepted either. I did feel a bit intimidated by this judge who goes on and on about looking for 'Art' but not really defining what she means...and (ducking thrown rotten fruit here) I am not always enamoured of the artists she seems to love. So, I thought I might not fit her ideas.
    But, oh well. I thought I might give my elderly pieces to the home my MIL is in now. I will have to see if they would actually take them and if they would need them to hang in any special way.
    I am in two minds about entering other SAQA stuff, too. You are meant to be more 'real' if you work ad nauseum, no I mean work consistantly at one thing. Well, I think you and I must be well rounded artists. Like well rounded humans, we aren't only focussed on one aspect of our lives!
    I think you are an encourager like me - comfortable with finding ways for other people to learn. So, our broad outlook on art we make is what makes us able to find things a variety of other people can connect with!

    Or something like that! ;0)
    Sandy in the UK

    1. Thank you and this is said heartfelt and helps me keep on. Hugs, Karen


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