Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Book Unfolds and an Invitation

Block by Marti Porterfield
 I am excited! The heart block exchange book is coming together nicely.  Making the blocks into a book has solved so many problems plus it gives me an opportunity to showcase each block/maker. I decided to include quotes on friendship and love and the quotes reflect the theme of the block and/or the maker.  Still working on the quotes. I hope to have the book completed by Valentine's Day. How's that for a goal!

Block by Debbie Garffon
Now don't laugh but I am really excited because I did make a real dent in my bits and pieces of Timetex, Fast-to-Fuse, etc.! I have a running joke about this with my friend Barbara so I can't wait to share this news with her. I also managed to use up all the little bits of my Steam-A-Seam! I find this truly amazing!  Okay, you can laugh just remember it is the little things in life that make life fun and interesting! Of course, as I continue to work on the book, I am sure I will be creating more bits.

Block by Rebecca Terry
Now for an invitation, I am starting a monthly ATC trading group. If you are interested, there is a limited number of spots available. I'm keeping the group small so that everyone does not need to make a lot of cards each month. I have fallen head over heals in love with trading ATCs. It is such a great way to explore new ideas and techniques in a wonderful, caring environment. And it makes trips to the mailbox very worthwhile.

Happy creating! Is anyone else working on completing UFOs?

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