Monday, February 4, 2013

Some Goals Make You Go Around in Circles

Michele, on her blog, is sharing her progress on reducing her stash and be productive. I love her "stolen" idea of having 2,013 items leave her house in 2013. I also love how honest she is being. It's inspiring.

I too have decided that I must deal with my UFOs once and for all. I will either finish them or give them away this year. I also need to decide what to do with the closets that are filled with quilts, but not sure this will happen this year. I did throw a quilt away! I took off some of the elements before pitching it. It was actually quite liberating! And before you get upset with me like my friend Carolyn, it was a small wall hanging made in the 1990s and believe me no one would want it. I did the world a favor.

This circle shaped quilt (36") was made when I was teaching one of my creativity circles. I still miss the women in these groups. Watching them grow was one of my best teaching experiences. For this assignment, we made circle quilts, cut them into wedges and everyone had to put the wedges together in any way that they wanted. I just couldn't bring myself to cut up this one, so I didn't, much to the disappointment of my group. I did make something similar to cut up so the disappointment was only temporary. Anyway, it's long past due to finish it. And to answer the next most asked question that I get, I have no idea what I will do with it once it's done. I am finding that quilting a circle shaped quilt is a challenge and I'm up for it!

Catching the cold that morphed into a sinus infection was not in the planes and certainly caused my January to go awry, but looking at what I did accomplish made me feel much better. Do you keep a list of your accomplishments?


1. Booked two guild gigs
2. Entered SAQA's "Metaphors on Aging" exhibit
3. Completed and sent in everything for Teacher of the Year
4. Completed biz books for 2012 and started 2013

Putting Stretch Marks on My Comfort Zone

1. Participated in Shannon Ganshorn's International Postcard Exchange
2. Joined the Journal Swap through Milliande
3. Continued my journey with pottery

Christmas Gifts

1. Made 5 table runners (completed 4, one had to have binding hand stitched down)
2. Made 2 sets of cards

Things that Bothered Me But Don't Anymore Because I Took Care of Them (well almost)

1. Painted places on my oven door where paint had chipped off
2. Deep cleaned my studio
3. Cleaned my office (needs it done again so this will show up until I get it under control--one must have goals! I aspire to be a person with a clean and organized desk.)
4. Cleaned out books from bathroom cabinet--sold some, gave some to friends and gave the rest to my library
5. New shower caddy
6. New broom


Made 23 birthday cards, 4 anniversary cards, 20 Valentines 

Life is good!


  1. One of my art quilt friends posted her results for 2012 and that has inspired the rest of us to actually keep track of what we acomplish. I think we are all surprised at how much we actually do - when we think we haven't acocmplished much! So far I've finished 2 challenges and 2 cards. YAY!!!!

  2. That's a gorgeous circle quilt! I'd drape it over a little round table.

    1. That would require getting a little round table. Hum. Love little tables! Hugs, Karen

  3. Thank you for the cheerleading :) And I think I would figure out a way to mount the quilt on the ceiling.

  4. You are an inspiration, as always! Thanks for the pep talk. A gentle nudge to refocus is always good for me.

    1. I cannot imagine that you need to refocus! You're amazing!


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