Friday, March 16, 2012

The Mystery Continues

I decided I really wanted to know more about the Judy's Challenge fabric so I emailed Kaufman. The first email I received informed me that it wasn't Robert Kaufman's fabric. Well I knew that wasn't true because it has "Robert Kaufman Co., Inc." on the salvage so I scanned it and sent it back telling Sandie Mccann, Customer Service Manager, that she was wrong and attached the photo of the salvage. This is what I got back,

"Well Karen, you got me!  This is so old that it pre-dates the majority of the staff in customer service, and we range from the newest at 7 yrs to 20 plus years!  The selvage marking has not been used for years.  I believe the only way you will find some now is to post a picture of the fabric on some of the fabric search sites or blogs.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news … good luck to you!
Kind regards,

So the mystery continues and I'm hoping someone can shred some light.

Everyone has the fabric for this challenge and most are thinking. Sara Kelly is the first one out of the gate. Guess this means, I better get busy!


  1. I don't recognize the exact fabric but I would guess 1980's as it looks like other 1980's fabrics.

  2. Thanks. I seriously did not think it was that old.

  3. It's more like an Alexander , I'd say of 1990-ish. Reminds me of the jewel colours and clothing shapes of that time.


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