Saturday, March 24, 2012

Challenge Updates Plus

I have given myself "quilter's elbow," as my husband is calling it. My doctor calls it elbow tendonitis. It's nothing serious but it is limiting me on the computer and sewing machine. I have exercises to do and I'm suppose to rest. The resting part is not easy for me.

I am happy to share that Gail Pierce has finished her 1950s challenge piece (shown here)! To learn more and see more images, please visit her blog. Thanks Gail!

With Judy's Fabric Challenge, Diane Dunder has been busy. I was a little worried that I was in her head too much with my rules, but she assured me that she is remembering the one that says, "Have fun!" I love that she is just giving us a hint of what she is doing. Can't wait to see more.

Sara Kelly has also made some great progress. I also think it is good that she is letting it rest because she's not sure what to do next. It took me a while to learn how to let things rest but not to forget them and then simply create a UFO. I love all the movement is Sara's piece and can't wait to see what comes next.

On the subject of UFOs, I don't feel that we should feel guilty about having them or feel bad about giving them away. I'm a process person so the end product is always the less important part. The interesting part of me is that I have very few UFOs. So often there is both joy and sadness when finishing a piece. So how do you feel about UFOs?


  1. Oh, Karen - so sorry to hear about your tendonitis. I hope with the warmer weather, you are keeping in good spirits! Sunlight can be very therapeutic.
    Ditto on the attitude toward UFOs. I read a comment somewhere that reminds us, that a UFO can only demonstrate our skills at the time at which it was created.

    1. Spirits are fine. Thanks for asking. Love your comment on UFOs. Hugs, Karen


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