Saturday, March 17, 2012

More on the Mystery Fabric

Not sure I am getting any closer to an answer. Susan in San Jose shared, "I have this fabric in 2 colorways-----lol I think I bought it when I lived in L.A. so that would be around 15-16 yrs. ago. I'm fairly sure when I bought it that it was brand new at the time.  I think I bought it at a fabric store in Burbank which doesn't exist anymore. I knew the Kaufman brothers, classy, wonderful guys, I loved working with them and I've always loved their fabrics."

Then Delores Hamilton shared, "I can tell you that I bought some of it (the purple/green colorway) around 2004 (and still have some left--less than a fat quarter--in case you need more).  I know this because I made a quilt based on Reynola Pakusch's Circle Play, which was published in 2004, the book below, and I used that fabric for one of the circles. I can't tell you if I bought the fabric much before buying the book or not.  But, I don't think I bought it in the 90s because it has metallic gold in it, and I didn't quilt with those kinds of materials until later...or at least I don't think I did.  (I'm not very helpful, am I?  LOL.)"

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