Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Sunday I spent the afternoon outside. It was too glorious to stay indoors. I love working in my yard and especially when I am greeted by the unexpected. I didn't see him when I scooped up the dead plant material and leaves. We both got a surprise. I had to be patient because he hid for a while and was quite camera shy. Can you find my friend the toad? I am hoping that he is a sign that winter will not return. Although yesterday it was quite cold and the high only made it to 46 degrees. I also got buzzed bumble bees and saw my first butterfly, a cabbage white, who was enjoying my dandelions (unlike my neighbors). I also discovered, much to my relief, that the chickadee has decided to accept my new birdhouse. The other, which was used for more than 13 years, fell apart last year leaving her without a nesting place. I have had baby chickadees in the birdhouse on my front porch every year I have been here.   I watched the crows break branches off one of my maple trees for their nest. I am not sure where the real nest will be as I suspect the small one in my yard and the one across the street are decoys. And yes, I know that I was suppose to be resting my elbow, but there are times where it is more important to feed ones soul than to rest ones body. For me the pain was well worth the rewards of the day.


  1. Lucky you to have chickadees nesting every year! They visit my yard regularly, but have not nested for several years. I think they have not quite forgiven me -- several years ago, a neighbor cat drug their babies from the nest and killed them. I hope they will forget some day and try again.

  2. I am very happy you were mindful of nature and that you are preparing you garden and cleaning debris.
    Have you made any more dresses? The felt ones are particularly lovely!
    Take care!
    Martha D.


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