Friday, March 2, 2012

Da Rules for Next Challenge

For me, a challenge is all about stretching yourself/moving outside your comfort zone. By accepting this next challenge, you are agreeing to stretch and do something that you have not done before. Now for the rules:

1. Have fun!
2. The quilt must be free-form/free spirited.
3. The challenge fabric must be used and visible in the quilt.
4. You are encouraged to share your process and finished quilt on your blog.
5. You will need to share how you stretched yourself and moved out of your comfort zone.
6. Deadline to finish is May 1. (Please send me a photo so I can post them all together.)
7. Have fun!

Due to the amount of fabric I have this challenge will be limited to 12 people (I count as one of the 12). Participants will not be able to choose which colorway. It will just have to be a surprise.

Deadline to sign up is Wednesday, March 7. Fabric will be mailed on March 8. Can't wait for the fun to begin!

So far the following people have accepted the challenge (Life has been a little crazy so if I missed you, just let me know):

1. Diane Dunder
2. Kathy Schmidt
3. Sara Kelly
4. Kristin McNamara Freeman
5. Louise Baldel
6. Vivian Helena
7. Sue Andrus
8. Flo London
9. Kathie Briggs

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