Friday, April 23, 2010


When I head off to a speaking engagement, I never know what is going to happen or how I will be received. My lecture isn't like anyone's I know and I cram a lot of info including geography and history about places most people don't know or are able to pronounce. Anyway I want to thank the biker on the Harley who helped me find the church. I've always found bikers helpful even if they look scary. The Country Crossroad Quilt Guild will always have a special place in my heart. They were warm, welcoming and supportive and had good food too! Members purchased $200 worth of Georgian quilts which provides much needed cash for the quiltmakers. Barb Wells made her second purchase (two more Georgian word quilts). There just aren't words to express the appreciation.

I always love show and share. One guild member, Sue (hope I remembered her name correctly), got a gift from her brother (photo). He bought an old sewing machine at an auction and turned it into a tractor with a comfortable seat. It brought a good laugh from everyone present.

I have pitched my exhibition to Ohio Reformatory for Women so that the inmates can participate. I should know by the middle of next week if its a go. I will have to supply all the materials which I am more than willing to do. For 8 months I have included my experience at ORW in my lecture yet no one has ever asked any questions. I find this interesting.  Anyway, I am hopeful and even looking forward to returning to ORW. Joy Major Hoop and Michelle Owens have agreed to be my coordinators for the project. I am hopeful.

So much is in the works for me right now. It is a test of patience. Wish I could share more. Just can't yet. It's all good!  


  1. She said that he was so proud and now of course he has fame. It was the talk of the guild meeting.


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