Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is that True?

Whenever I say or hear a statement of "fact", I always pause and ask myself, "Is that true?"  The other day I was involved in a discussion where someone said, "Nothing good has ever come out of Afghanistan."   I have a necklace that I purchase in Kyrgyzstan that I was told was made in Afghanistan that I love. However, this did not convince the person who made the statement. So began my quest. I know that today's Afghanistan is full of challenges but can we say that this country that has never contributed to the world? I was thrilled when I discovered that carrots came from Afghanistan and they were marvelously colorful too-- purple, black, red, yellow and white. The orange carrots we have today are courtesy of 17th century Dutch breeders who cultivated carrots from Afghanistan. I love carrots and so I want to thank Afghanistan and I'm also thankful for the opportunity to learn something I did not know. I will continue to strive to have an open mind.


  1. Karen,

    My African Mask quilt (called "Crone") is embellished with many things including old Afgan silver. I love the silver, and wished I could have afforded more of it.

  2. We can see the whole of Central Asia as a home of a grand heritage.

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  4. Marti, I have some Afgan silver too! Love it. You are so right!

    Eva, I couldn't agree with you more. I loved my time in both Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Hope to get back some day.


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