Thursday, April 1, 2010

Alicia Grajeda's First Quilt

Alicia was always smiling and seemed happy in class even though this was her first experience making a quilt. She did worry. She was nervous but she was making progress then she announced she needed to return to Mexico. Months passed and when we couldn't get in touch with her, I got worried. More months went by and I finally decided we wouldn't see Alicia again so it was such a great surprise when she walked through the door with her finished quilt and a shout of "I love you Karen."  She is so proud of her quilt as is her family. The power of quilts to touch and change lives is amazing. For me, watching the transformation is a wonder that I never grow bored with watching. I love to see people embracing life and their creativity. They walk lighter, are no longer depressed, their souls are freer. It is hard for me when people disappear even when I understand that for some it's easier to stay where they are than to explore the possibility of something new. They fear failure, looking "stupid," etc. It's not easy coming out as an artist, it may mean being more public with our passion than we are comfortable or becoming leaders in ways we never dreamed. I may never see Alicia again. Family responsibilities prevent her from continuing with the class. However, I do know her world is bigger now. She touched me and for that I will always be thankful.


  1. Sometimes one step over the threshold is enough to open up a new world. Congratulations to teacher and student! Well done.


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