Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Too Much To Do"

I don't know about you but with my life, it is either calm or crazy. I'm in a "crazy" period where so many good things are happening and they are happening all at once. This requires me to be very focused which is tough when so much is going on. I'm not sleeping well because I simply cannot shut off my brain which is not a bad thing because I am getting lots of good ideas. Good thing I keep a pen and paper on the night stand. Now bear with me, everything I'm sharing is connected.

I seem to be having lots of conversations over the last couple of weeks about serendipity,luck, karma, etc. I do believe in serendipity but I also know that if you are not out there, walking the path and doing the work, serendipity might not find you. Also we are not unconnected and autonomous beings. I love Anne Morrow Lindbergh's quote, "We are all islands--in a common sea."

So I'm also struggling to believe that I deserve all this good fortune. I'm working hard to get beyond the idea of "worthiness" and to embrace what is happening. I'm making lots of to do lists and working on things everyday. If nothing else, I feel alive and I am going to enjoy this "crazy" period in my life. More on all of this soon!

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