Friday, July 24, 2009

Rosa Angulo

Rosa is from Mexico so when she is finished serving her 10 year sentence, she will be deported. Rosa cried when she talked about being away from her daughters so of course I cried. She has not seen them in 3 1/2 years which I simply cannot imagine. Communication with them is also difficult. She knows that she let her daughters down by the choices she made and she is using her time in prison well. Rosa is the black bird in her quilt. The "ribbons" represent the razor wire that surrounds the prison.

Since making this quilt, Rosa now works in the Community Stitching Post making quilts. I got to see her working there. The Stitching Post is an amazing place full of lots of community service activity and the women working there that pride in their work and their contribution and ability to help those in need. I'll blog more on this soon.

Rosa is from the Sinaloa region of Mexico. She is from a small village and the nearest larger city is Guasave. I have agreed to help Rosa once she is released because she is going to need support. If you know anyone near Rosa's village that could be a positive role model and help her, please get in touch with me.


  1. The imagery and comoposition in this quilt is amazing, the sense of the blackbird moving away from the confining grid is masterfully done. I also like her color choices and the handstitching she has done.

  2. This is an incredible quilt. It's incredibly evocative -- powerful even if you don't know what the blackbird and ribbons represent. Well done!

  3. Die Gedenken sind frei.
    "Thoughts are free." I see a spirit and a mind represented by the bird. The bird flies free even though there is razor wire. A beautiful quilt.

  4. Rosa is an artist! Her message came through loud and clear.

  5. My mom did a wonderful job on that quilt!! I can't wait to see her so she can teach me how to quilt like that. And yes communication is limited with her, since I need to know how to contact her, all of us are here in Mexico. I write to her, but I would like to know how to speak to her via phone. I would love to hear her voice. And my little sister really needs to talk to her too. She is almost 17, I am 27 and teenagers are a little difficult to talk to.
    I feel so proud of my mom's work, it is beautiful.


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