Saturday, July 25, 2009

Michelle Owens

Michelle walked into the interview confidently. She is the only woman who claimed to be innocent of the charges against her. Her husband actually committed the crimes and she was charged with accessory after the fact. Michelle was "saved" while in county jail. I thought it was interesting that she did not like people who got "jail house" religion. She asked if she could remove her glasses because she "hates" them. She is also the only one that requested that I retake her photo and the only one that posed. Several people have told me that they were unable to finish reading her interview which only proves that the attitude I was picking up from her came off in the interview. All of this said, I did like her.

I was impressed that she figured out how to dye her background using paint and dipping it in a bucket until she got the look she wanted. I love the dimensionality of her piece. It certainly reflects her feelings and her faith. I also love that it is a two-sided quilt.

I cannot help feeling sorry for her. Her husband has found someone new. I know this would make be a little bitter especially if I was serving time because of the one I love. She did tell me she had just found this out and had spent the entire day before crying. Again, this just keeps me thinking about the choices we all make.


  1. I wish I could read the words on the back of the quilt. Interesting use of color and design technique.

  2. Very interesting piece. Interesting story.

  3. Michelle has great potential in being a true quilt artist. I hope the she, with the help of the God she believes in, can come to peace with the fact that husband is moving on with out her.

    I wish Michelle peace and love for the rest of her life; I want her to continue to work through her pain and create more quilts.


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