Saturday, July 25, 2009

Teresa Romano

I sensed a sadness and a sweetness to Teresa the minute she walked in the room and both proved true. She was soft spoken and a little shy in the beginning but came to life as she talked about creating her quilt. This is her first quilt. I think the thing that impressed me the most was her desire to tell the stories of her life. She shared that she is not a very good writer but she thinks she can tell her stories with quilts. I can only hope she gets the chance. I also thought it was interesting that she created her quilt from the outside in. She started with the border.

I think the other thing that shocked me was to discover that Ohio does not have a self-defense law so she is serving a sentence for manslaughter. People have been asking me why I didn't ask more questions concerning what they did, why they did it, etc. I was encouraged by the prison to ask why they were there and I was happy that I could. It is part of their story and the story of their quilt. However, it was not the reason I was there. I tried hard not to show anything but openness which was hard. I try hard when I do interviews to keep myself out of it.

I always show everyone their photos to make sure that they are happy and I can't believe both of us missed that she had her eyes closed. I truly wish I could go back and retake the photos because she has such nice eyes.


  1. For Teresa ... your quilt is so interesting and wonderful. The eyes are intriguing and so very creatively done. There seems to be hope and light in your quilt -- and the predominance of "GOD" makes me see faith as well. I also really like the detailed touches you put into the quilt -- the flowers, the butterflies -- a nice touch of whimsy. I want to encourage you to keep quilting and letting your creativity flow. You have a unique sense of color and balance that is pleasing and very interesting to the viewer. Don't stop!

  2. I have never tried to create a quilt from the border in. What an intriguing way to approach the design. I'll have to try that technique.

  3. An interesting approach from the outside in, a metaphor of how we see ourselves perhaps. She has done a nice job and I think I know a little about her after seeing this.

  4. I love this woman after reading the transcript of the interview. Teresa may not be "good at words" but she is able to tell a good story in fabric.

    I love the symmetry of this quilt. Yes, I know I commented on another quilt for it's lack of symmetry, but this quilt tells it's story in a different way.

  5. Thank you for sharing the stories of these women.

    I wish them well and hope that they can find more
    chalenges in their quilt making. It is wonderful that they are trying some new crafts. Keep up the good work. Best wishes from Sydney Australia.


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