Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Confessions of a Rock Lover

My love affair with rocks has been lifelong. I pick them up everywhere I go. My husband always laughs when I unpack my suitcase from travels and a pile of rocks comes tumbling out. You will find bowls of rocks all around my house. My favorite bowl of rocks is made from a piece of driftwood from my time living in Aruba. Andrew, the 70 year old Presbyterian minister, and I loved beach combing together for driftwood. He helped me discover the beauty that could be found in a simple piece of wood. He died of leukemia in Poland before the wall came down. He died doing something he loved. Anyway before I left the island, I went to my favorite secluded beach which had black rocks (center rock in the bowl)that made the most interesting sound as the waves caused them to dance. I can still close my eyes and hear the sound. In this bowl are rocks from Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Lake Michigan, Louisiana, Texas and Maine. The spiral rock was purchased from an artist while I was with my friend Carol at the flower and garden show in Philadelphia. It is a bowl full of memories that I cherish.

I have been playing with texture for the last couple of years so I decided to recreate my favorite bowl of rocks. It was a fun exercise and I think will be a jumping off place for more exploration. What do you collect to help you remember good memories?


  1. Lol! Karen, I do the same thing and always have. I had a bowl of rocks from Lake Superior in my apartment in Connecticut which I put water in to see how spectacular the colors were. People kept on putting their fingers in because they couldn't believe that I'd have a bowl of rocks with water in it.

    I just got back from a nearby friend's garden. She has some rocks in her garden which reminded me of some from Lake Superior...she blushed and said she brought them back from China. So, you're definitely not alone on this one!

  2. oooooh, love this quilt and I am with you on the rock collecting bit. I can tell the difference between rocks from Monehegan Island and those from the mainland 10 miles away

  3. You both are wonderful! Thanks! It's so good to know when you are not alone with something that you love!


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