Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pushing the Limits of My Comfort Zone

I continue to push the limits of my comfort zone. First, I have been writing again. Real Simple magazine is having their sixth annual Life Lesson Essay Contest. You are to answer the question, "What is the bravest thing you have ever done?" I am writing about my first trip to Georgia. People have continually told me that I need to write a book on my adventures. This is helping me decide if this is something I can and want to do. Vote is still out. And no, it won't be determined by whether or not my essay is chosen. I know that it's a long shot if for no other reason than the confusion over the country.

I've been doing a lot of cleaning. My husband was teasing me about my "productive procrastination" until he read "The problem with writing was expressed well by the writer, Ernest Hemingway. A reporter once asked Ernest Hemingway what he did first when he was beginning a new book. Hemingway responded "First I defrost the refrigerator.""

I am also continuing to challenge myself with clay. My morning walks are usually along the DuPage River. For several days, I spent time watching an egret fish which became my inspiration. Since I am also trying to combine fiber with the clay as often as I can, I made the wings and other details out of fiber then added other fun items I had hanging around. The beak got broken along the way (this happens when so many different people are involved in the process) so the rope and hanging crystal hide the break. Now you know a secret. Shh. Don't tell.

He was created in four pieces because he would be too large otherwise to fit in the kiln. And because my friend Marti will remind me if I don't share, he is 30 inches tall. I guessed on the shrinkage (the clay I use shrinks by 12%) and was floored that he fit back together! The planets must have been aligned!

The poem "Egret" by Mary Oliver is carved into the blue box that he stands on. This remains one of my favorite pieces.  He sits in my family room.  I keep hoping inspiration will strike again and I can create something similar.

How are you pushing the limits of your comfort zone?


  1. That's a beautiful poem. Good luck with your writing!

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  3. Your egret is cute. And yes the size of an object in picture is important!


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