Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chistina's Quilt

I love Christina's love of movement and attention to detail. She loves to layer. I'm trying to find her a sewing machine so that she can work at home too. Her talent is amazing and I cannot wait to see what she creates next. Enjoy!


  1. OH! How wonderful this piece is! Christina has an inate sense of how to use form and color to draw the eye.

    I look at this and see a woman on the edge of a new day, looking foward. The path may have flowers, but it also has stones, and the mountains may be firey, but this woman is going forward!

    I love it! Lisa

  2. I am very impressed by both Christina's choice of fabrics and her composition. Looking to the future is what comes to mind...and a wonderful future it will be based on what are obviously her innate skills!!

  3. Wow, Christiana uses light so powerfully, I know many more experienced artists would like to be so skillful. Also a wonderful natural sense of movement is clear from the blowing hair. Lovely, lovely piece.

  4. Christiana, this is very expressive, and touching. It speaks in a universal language about being a woman. It's wonderful! Rosemary

  5. Oh how I love the creativity on this quilt. It touch my heart. You did such a wonderful quilt Christiana.. I am Spanish and love that you are quilting..hugs, Lorraine

  6. This is such a uplifting work! She handles the focal point and the movement very masterfully, and the color/fabric choices are are unexpected and brilliant.

  7. Cristina,
    gracias por darnos la oportunidad de ver a traves de tus ojos lo que el corazon siente! Muy bien hecho.

  8. Beautiful colour and movement. I see a powerful affirmative message of a woman looking ahead into a world of light. Great Stuff!

    Lesley Prosser,
    Quilt Artist and Sculptor

    Nowra, NSW, Australia

  9. Christina...

    You demonstrate powerful insight into the collage and layering technique, bringing light and focal interest to the forefront in your beautiful piece. I especially appreciate the composition for it's simplicity, yet complex explosion of colour and the immediate impact of the message you are sending. Stay focused - create more work!

    Bethany Garner in Kingston, ON Canada


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