Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tissue Paper Feathers as Winged Messengers

I seem to seriously have feathers on the brain lately. Working on Carol's feather, it suddenly struck me that I could make paper feathers and use them as my Winged Messengers. I wanted them to be some what real looking. I did not care for my first attempts out of construction paper-too kindergarten looking. Digging through my supplies I came across some yellow gold tissue paper. Success! I used two pieces of tissue paper, some simple white string and spray adhesive (I knew I bought that stuff for a reason). I am going to play around with adding color but I think this is just what I was looking to make and share. They will be much easier to slip into places without being noticed than the watercolor papered winged hearts. Now back to working on my feather quilt. Enjoy!

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